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Suresh Mehta
Suresh Mehta I must congratulate Team Artspread for the package and delivery of the artworks. Must have been a monumental effort to ensure safety of the artworks; Well Done! Please convey my gratitude to the team! As for the artworks, each tells stories and also gives life to memories. I'm delighted with each one of them irrespective of size, form, price and story. Though I must confess that I did underestimate the size of the larger artworks. I hope to give the artworks their rightful place (hope that's soon enough) and share my experience with Artspread to other art lovers. Have a wonderful Day! Stay Blessed and keep up the Great Work.
Vikash Aggarwal
Vikash Aggarwal Thank you for the prompt and timely delivery of the art piece. I loved the process of buying from Artspread. It was so simple and everything went smoothly. Once I frame it I will definitely send a picture. Also looking forward to buying more piece.


Art is a matter of personal taste and need. Like most things in life, experience and exposure teaches one the nuances of what to buy and what not to buy.

When it comes to spreading art awareness and showcasing emerging India's top art talent, ArtSpread has been pioneers in the space. Now with that extra! Buy easy, pay easy. You can pay over months in EMIs. Suddenly, everything is within your reach, affordability & budget no longer a restraint!

From experience we can share: art is an affair, a lifelong commitment. Recognising talent and style, listening to your heart, and reacting to your eye, going with your moods. Art will define your personal style, your confidence and your make your defining statements. Your home will always be your address but whether it will be your sanctuary will be determined by your art index and your art heart!

Now it gets even better with ArtSpread ! More art within your means!! An extra painting on the wall or that statement piece of sculpture in your living room floor or your patio. ArtSpread recognises the need for people to pay for their art over affordable EMIs. You've bought your first car, your house with EMI affordability, now do so with your art. You can have more with less now - more art, less cash!

That signature statement about your home that you might be missing now, that soul of who you are, that...... That missing piece of art, go get it now on easy EMI schemes on ArtSpread. , India's art gallery of emerging talent and future maestros, featuring art from across India. ArtSpread , that art piece and that easy on your pocket EMI option, is just a click away.

ArtSpread will assist you with your buying decisions, in helping you narrow down your choices. You can feast on a vast spread (over 100 artists, more than 500 artworks) of figurative and abstract, decorative & playful, geometric & symmetrical, expressive & emotive art pieces.

Art on EMI helps you make easier decisions even more comfortable.

Come, start your collection. Build your style, do your heart's bidding!