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Radhesham Diliprao Dhamal

Radhesham Diliprao Dhamal

Qualifications :

2006 - 2010 : Graduation

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting (Specialization Subject Composition)

From B.V.P college of Fine Arts, Pune. University of Pune, Pune.

2004 - 2005 : HSC New Arts, Commerce and Science College,  Ahmednagar.

Selections & Exhibitions :

2010 : Selection & Exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, National Academy of Arts

2010 : Selection & Exhibition at The Bombay Art Society.

2010 : Selection & Exhibition at Art Mall, Delhi.

2010 : Selection & Exhibition at Art Society of India, Mumbai.

2010 : Selection for  Monsoon Show, organized by Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2008 : Selected for presentation of an Installation Art, at Kala Ghoda Art Festival Mumbai. Titled “News Paper Vendor”

2007 to 2010 : Annual Painting Exhibition, at Balgabdharva kala dalan, Pune, organized by B.V.P college of fine arts, pune.

2010 : Group Exhibition, “Marking The End” organized by Art 2 Day Gallery,  Pune.

Awards & Achievements :

2015 : Kokuyo Camlin Award in Professional Artist category. At Neharu central, Mumbai.

2010 :  1st prize in on the spot painting, West zone inter-university youth festival.

2010 :  1st prize in annual Art Exhibition, organized by B.V.P. college of fine Arts, Pune.

2010 : 3rd prize in Collage Art, fine arts competition. organized by University of Pune.

2010 : Consolation Prize in State level On the spot Landscape competition, organized by B.V.P. college of fine Arts, Pune.

2009 : 1st prize in Presentation of Installation Art, in State Level inter-university youth festival, organized by Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

2009 :  2nd prize in “Shlok” Painting competition & exhibition, Pune.

2009 :  2nd prize in Painting Completion, organized by Jawaharlal Darda Kala academy.

2009 : 3rd Prize in Presentation of Installation Art held at University of Mumbai, organized by ASSOCIATION OF INDIAN UNIVERSITIES, (AIU) Delhi.

2008 : 1st prize in District Level Painting Competition, organized by B.V.P College of Fine Arts, Pune.

2008 : 3rd prize in Landscape competition, organized by Mudra Kala Niketan, Mumbai.

2007 : 2nd Prize in Annual Painting Exhibition, organized by B.V.P College of Fine Arts, Pune.