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Suman Kabiraj

In his recent  works, Suman used satire to enable comparison, understanding and insight and holds up the flaws in our institutions,  our nations, our species and, indeed, ourselves.  The works combine history, politics and current events with levity and witty irreverence. Here work is subversive and a comment on the human condition itself offering the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at the heroic and the rational.  Most of my subjects are familiar but recontextualized.  In what they encompass or allude to, these works transcend the merely comically grotesque or the quest for objectivity.
Assessing these works in terms of their insight, interest, coherence, complexity, depth or intelligibility involves a cluster of notions which are interdependent. It does not, however, descend into perverse nihilism which is not an artistically legitimate instance of the grotesque. He is trying   to point out the deficiencies in certain human institutions and the social issues which result from them in such a way that they become absurd, even hillarious, which is therefore both entertaining and accessible.  It aims to keep collective conscience alert, it exposes absurdity for what it is and makes those inclined to adopt foolish or tasteless fashions aware that what they espouse is ridiculous.  It shows society its own features and makes it odious to the sentient.  So often satire in the visual arts is portrayed as anti-progressive, yet its ability to offer cutting critique is a positive when aimed at the right targets as he wants to demonstrate.