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Tapan Madkikar

Tapan Madkikkar graduated from Raheja School of Arts in Printmaking and hr did Private Diploma in Applied from Raheja School of Arts, Worli.

According to Tapan Madkikkar....

Learning Print Art was so exciting during college days that made me so curious to learn more about it.
 In compare of painting on canvas by brush or knife, I found this carving and printing more difficult yet exciting, that it needs a lot of patients as well as great judgement how your final artwork is going to look and how it is going to be appear.
 One small mistake can also spoil your whole work when you carve on any surface and that is irreversible, while on canvas you can always repair your mistakes or re-modify.
 That’s why this medium is more interesting and has many process to do. So I liked this medium and decided to take as a specialisation to work.
 As many people are still unaware about this medium and that is why I want to introduce and spread the art form of  "Printmaking".