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Karam Puri

Karam Puri has been shooting professionally for the past decade. Karam’s strong imagery and character portraits are built around travel photography and draw inspiration from early Technicolor films.

His work on South-Eastern Africa at the end of the civil war in Mozambique in 2005 & 2006 has been widely published and exhibited in Calcutta & New Delhi. In 2008, his first coffee table book, “Gujarat: A Journey” was published by Trio Omni Media. His work extends to editorial, fashion and street photography. His clients include BBC Homes, The Robb Report, Travel Plus and Andpersand. Karam’s photographs have also been published in The Sunday Guardian, Photography Review, National Geographic 10 Best of Everything, Verve, Platform Magazine, and on the National Geographic website.

His second book, on the The Doon School in Dehra Dun was released in October 2010 by the President of India. Most recently his third book, “The Indian Golf Story”, covered the history and golf courses of India and has had a successful run of over three thousand copies.

Karam’s first solo exhibition, ‘Liberte`’ which documented the protests in New York City leading up to the Republican National Convention, debuted in New Delhi in 2005 and was hailed by The Indian Express, as “ground breaking.” His solo show, ‘A Million Voices’, opened in Calcutta and moved to the Gallery Romain Rolland at the Alliance Francaise in New Delhi in 2009 at which point some of his works were acquired by collectors.

Recently his work was shown in Hong Kong as a part of ‘SNAPSHOT’ along with some of the biggest names in Indian photography. Including Saibal Das and T.S. Satyanan. Followed by a showing of his work by The Fine Art Company in Bombay, alongside Vivaan Sundaram

Karam, was born in India and has lived worldwide, including New York, Shanghai, Paris and Seoul. He studied at the Doon School, India, Ithaca College, New York, and the International Center of Photography in New York City.