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Sayeeda Ali

Sayeeda Ali was born in Visakhapatnam India. She is a distinguished Indian painter and has been exhibited since 1991 across the world about two and half decades ago when she joined the department of Fine Arts, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and Masters from central University, Hyderabad. Like any other young Student of art her initial endeavors were to grasp and understand the rudiments and fundamentals of art and design, in process acquiring the necessary skills for enabling her in articulation of her ideas and influences on to canvas. The long hours of drawing and sketching over the years have stood her in good stead, as she has not lost sight of the indispensability of the basic elements like color, compositional values and design in formulating her personal language. Over the years Sayeeda seems apparently not to have radically moved away from her initial formative influences. Her use of imagery called from her immediate environment have remained part of her staple vocabulary, still-lives, interiors and landscapes are what she has expressed in her paintings and these still remain part of her oeuvre. And still manages to imbue them with a rare sensitivity and verve. In later years Sayeeda eventually left the familiar and comfortable cocoon of her family, marriage and motherhood followed. This was when she also traveled to Europe, Canada, America and Malaysia, and Middle East. But she refused to bow down to the trappings, comfort and responsibilities of domesticity. They infact have not only sharpened and honed her skills, but have also made her more determined to carve out a space of her own, where she could function as a painter and retain her sense of self. Sayeeda tries to capture the day to day images, moods and colors as one sees around us. At first glance the landscapes, interiors, and domestic scenes painted by her seem to placid and pretty representations of all class lives across the habitable world in her journey-Garden patches, Plush living rooms on one side, and claustrophobic impoverished shanties on the other, showing the Janus-faced of the world through canvas.
1994 - Master of Fine Arts, Central University, and Hyderabad, India.
1992 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Andhra University, and Visakhapatnam, India.
2010 - Patnaik Art Gallery, Visakhapatnam.
2010 - Art Maestros, New Delhi.
2010 - Gallery Space, Hyderabad.
2007 - Minaaz Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
2006 - La galerie ARTECONTE, Paris.