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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions on Sale of Artworks through ArtSpread:

By registering and placing an order on (‘the Website’ or 'ArtSpread') you acknowledge that you are bound by the terms and conditions listed below:

General Terms

  1. The artwork(s) made available for sale on the Website are not in the physical possession of Art Spread and are physically located anywhere in the world under the artists custody and/or with third parties/galleries under consignment.
  2. All artwork(s) made available for sale on the Website will be sold at the price listed and no discounts will be granted to the buyer.
  3. The price of the art work(s) listed  excludes duties ,taxes, shipping & handling & insurance. These additional charges are separately listed/clarified at the "checkout counter" at the time of final payment for the artwork(s). For shipments of more than one artwork at the same time to the same address,a refund of shipment charges if possible will be made directly to the buyer prior to shipment.
  4. For overseas shipments involving either a purchase from an artist residing overseas or forwarding the sold artwork(s) to an overseas ( beyond national boundaries of the Indian Republic) , an additional levy may be applicable to the buyers account to cover import duties,as applicable. These will be separately advised and become payable prior to a sale being considerred complete.
  5. Art Spread is not liable for any charges that may be levied at the destination whether in India or overseas.Currently, there is no VAT for artwork(s) on overseas shipments.These will be refunded in full to the buyer prior to shipment after deducting shipment charges ( shiipment charges mentioned on the checkout counter apply to a single artwork ,shipped to a local Indian destination only.
  6. A standard "For delivery within India" charge for freight/shipping is included in the invoice for standard shipments only not exceeding 0.5kg in weight and standard sizes. Extra charges will be applicable for shipment of Sculptures and non standardized size shipments besides shipments beyond Indian boundaries. To cover the additional expense,a debit note will be raised on the buyer and be payable over and above the invoice value at the 'checkout counter' prior to shipment.
  7. All invoices will be raised by the Artist based on the registration information provided by the buyer at the time of making the purchase and payments will be accepted only from the buyer so registered.The information provided during registration or amended at the time of finalizing a purchase shall be the final billing address and shipping address for delivery of the artworks.
  8. Placing an order on constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of the purchase. Unless rescinded/cancelled by Art Spread within 3 working days on account of a default by the artist or unavailability of the particular artwork(s) or any prior or continuing breach by the buyer, such acceptance results in an enforceable contact of sale. The contract of sale is between Art Spread and the buyer.
  9. Once an order is placed on Art Spread, the buyer is required to make IMMEDIATE & FULL (100% of Invoice value that will include price of artwork(s) and applicable VAT and Shipment & Insurance costs)payment for the price of the artwork(s).ArtSpread will bear no responsibility or liability for delivery of any artwork(s) ordered without receipt in advance of the full payment under any invoice raised.
  10. All sales are against 100% payment in advance.
  11. Payment in cash is NOT ACCEPTED by this website.
  12. ArtSpread reserves the right to cancel any order without prior notice to the buyer and refund in full all payments received from the prospective buyer.
  13. The artworks will be delivered/shipped to the Buyer directly by the Website through a carrier/courier agent of good repute. Should there be any damage to the artwork in transit the Buyer should not accept the parcel and should notify ArtSpread immediately. To claim refund of payments made for artwork(s) received in damaged condition,the buyer will have to advise the Website by a written email on,citing full details of damage , the details of the carrier agency , reference numbers of airwaybill/delivery challan within 2 working days of receipt of the damaged shipment.The buyer undertakes to ship back the artwork(s) through a reputed carrier/courier agent ,taking due care in packing the work(s) , within 7 working days of the receipt of the damaged artwork(s).FULL REFUND will be made to the buyer by the Website of all payments previously collected towards the invoice for the artwork(s) AND also for the re-shipment costs , provided however the buyer has acted with reasonable care in reshipment and within the timeframe outlined above. This refund will be affected no later than within 7 working days of the receipt of the artwork(s) at the Website corporate office address via cheque/bank transfer or credit to debit/credit card used to pay for the purchase.
  14. Clause 11 above applies only to damaged and/or spoilt goods and does not cover other conditions such as the colours not completely matching the image on the website based upon which the purchase was affected or that the actual size varies with the size mentioned on the website.ArtSpread takes great care to reproduce the original colours of the artwork(s) and list the correct size of the artwork . The former may in some cases not appear in the same manner as it would to the naked eye, and the risk is understood and agreed and is to be borne by the buyer. Similarly, the artwork(s) sizes/dimensions are listed based on artist representations and minor( less than 15% difference in size) size variations are at the sole risk of the buyer.Under no other reason will a refund request be entertained.
  15. The paintings that are unframed & unmounted will be shipped in a rolled format & in protective cylinders. For the paintings that are shipped with glass or acrylic sheet tops/frames, the Website cannot provide any guarantee of non-breakage for the same, though utmost care is taken while packing all artwork(s) to prevent damage due to any mishandling during transportation.
  16. All artwork(s) despatches and within India deliveries will be made no later than thirty(30) working days from receipt of the full payment in designated bank account. A further seven(7) days will be the normal delivery period for artwork(s) being either sourced from or delivered to a foreign location.
  17. The website will provide only one original copy of the Invoice and the Certifcate of Authenticity for a particular artwork. Buyers are advised to keep these in safe custody for future reference including for tax declaration requirement(if any),future sales etc. Under no circumstances will a request for a duplicate issue be entertained.
  18. You , the buyer, agree to abide by all provisions prescribed in these terms and conditions. In particular, you warrant that all information that you submit will be true and accurate (including without limitation your credit card number and expiration date), and you agree to pay all costs, charges plus all applicable taxes for the purchases made by you.
  19. Art Spread is authorized by the Artists to exercise complete discretion in (i) the illustration and descriptions of art works for viewing and sale and (ii) acceptance or rejection of orders received. All the artworks posted by artists on our website are unique and do not exist for sale on multiple online galleries , as per the agreement between the artist and the Website.
  20. All artwork posted for sale by Artists on the Website is supported by an authenticity certificate from ArtSpread. The basis for issuance of this certificate is the direct sourcing of the artwork by the Website from the artist.The Website will not be held liable for any false declaration or misrepresentation by the artist in relation to any artwork.
  21. All works represented on the Website are original works of art other than those clearly marked as reproductions or prints , are original works of art and have been represented so by the artist and accepted by ArtSpread in good faith.In case it is proven later that a certain work is a copy of another artwork , then ArtSpread disclaims any liability arising out of this discovery.
  22. Art Spread is not obligated to provide any physical preview of the artwork either before or after the sale. Art Spread is in no way liable for the condition of the artwork.
  23. Manual orders will be entertained only from corporations and at the complete discretion of the Website. Payments should only be made to the designated account of - ArtSpread Solutions Private Limited  with HDFC Bank branch at Marine Drive , Mumbai after confirming details directly from the authorized representatives of the Website by both email and telephone.The payment details should then be mailed to the Website to seek delievery of the artwork(s). 
  24. The buyer warrants that all the information furnished at the time of registration is true and correct and any change in the information provided will be updated and intimated to Art Spread immediately. Art Spread is entitled to act on the basis of the information provided and seek such further information, clarifications or verifications as it may deem necessary for granting registration. Such registration may be suspended or cancelled where Art Spread forms a reasonable view that any of the above information may be inaccurate. However, such registration will be restored immediately on the buyer furnishing information to the satisfaction of Art Spread.
  25. Please refer to the Disclaimer and the terms of our Privacy Policy, which together with these terms and conditions govern your use of the website.
  26. Disputes if any, would be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.